Dr Justin Carter

UK CAA and EASA Medicals

I am UK CAA and EASA Class 1 aeromedical examiner (AME), authorised to issue UK CAA and EASA medical certificates.

I can perform your medical at North Tees Hospital, Stockton on Tees.

I’ve been a PPL holder for 20 years and have an elderly but beautiful Mooney based at Teesside Airport. Before that (and with much help!) I completed the build on (and flew) a Europa from Fishburn Airfield.

As a pilot myself, I know what you’re going through at medical time. I’m balanced and easy going. I won’t find problems where none exist. I want to keep you flying / controlling safely.

As a UK CAA and EASA Class 1, 2, 3, LAPL, and Cabin Crew medicals I serve Pilots, Controllers, Cabin Crew and Parachutists with:

  • ATPL and CPL licenses (UK CAA Class 1 medical and EASA Class 1 medical)
  • ATCO Licenses (UK CAA Class 3 medical and EASA Class 3 medical)
  • PPL, LAPL and NPPL licenses (UK CAA Class 2 and LAPL medical and EASA Class 2 and LAPL medical)
  • Cabin Crew (UK CAA Cabin crew medical and EASA Cabin crew medical)
  • Airside Driver Medicals
  • Parachutists (Needing a BPA medical declaration)

I offer:

  • Rapid and flexible appointments, usually within a few days at the lowest rates in the UK
  • I'm the only AME in Teesside - medicals in Stockton on Tees
  • Free phone and email advice
  • Added extras - extend your medical with.
    Well person check
    Cardiac health review
    Lipid Profile and Cardiovascular risk assessment / advice

What are the Steps?

  1. Review the Location page for details on where medicals are performed. There's a map to print and bring with you so you don't get lost inside the hospital (it is a maze!!).
  2. Review the Booking page for the practicalities of booking a medical.
  3. Look at the page(s) relating to the class of medical you need (eg UK Class 1, EASA cabin crew, UK Class 3 etc) for the steps you need to complete to prepare for the medical. If you need more than one type of medical (eg UK and EASA Class 1) then please review the relevant pages for BOTH types of medical you need.
  4. Check the fees and paying page for the base cost of the medical plus the costs if any additional tests you might need.